You can now watch HBO Max on your PS5

Sony on Wednesday announced that HBO Max is finally available for its next-gen console. Support for the app, revealed in a tweet from the official PlayStation account, should be great news if you managed to get a PS5 and were planning to use it as an entertainment hub for movies in addition to games, as HBO Max was the last major streaming service absent from the console.

If you’re still on the PS4, this update likely won’t mean much to you, as that device has had the app for a while now. But it does mean any PlayStation fans should now be able to watch Wonder Woman 1984, which will be available in 4K HDR for PS5 owners with supported TVs and other Warner Bros. movies coming out next year on HBO’s new streaming service. (Xbox Series X / S owners have had access to the app since the consoles launched.)

When I went to download HBO Max on my PS5, it told me the app was only available for PS4, but a quick reboot made it available to download. If you want to download it as well, you can go to the media tab on the PS5’s home screen and scroll down to the All Apps section.